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Top 8 FIFA World Cup Jersey Designs

As the FIFA World Cup is conducted every four years, the Jersey designs keep on changing, rather keep on upgrading. However, what doesn’t change is the enthusiasm of the fans. Just like the previous examples, the jerseys from the 2018 World Cup have not escaped the fans’ minds. We have seen people ordering soccer jerseys of Germany, England, France, Croatia, etc., and that too of the same old design. It’s never going to be out of trend. Is it?

Statistically speaking, the same will be the case with the 2022 World Cup and every other soccer event thereafter. So, it’s only fair to make our readers aware of what we think about the exotic designs out of the 32 home jerseys. After all, it’s not just limited to sporting. It has its own share of entertainment and to a great extent similar to that of Hollywood.

So, let’s explore a bit more into the top 8 jerseys. We have our own quarterfinals going on here.

8. Brazil

We couldn’t help but keep the brightest yellow colour from the 32 teams in the 8th position. It’s not just about brightness but also the way the intricate design seems so simple to the eye. Meanwhile, the fans are still ordering these jerseys in big chunks.

7. Belgium

The attractive red design by Adidas has a different magnetic field around it. Add this to the skills that players have shown in the world cup, and you will find a great dominance of this jersey. Overall, we like the red design with red and yellow diamonds, and the Belgian flag imprinted right in between.

6. Iceland

Iceland Jersey was also something worth watching even when the players weren’t wearing them. The bright blue and white, red and blue sprinkles over the shoulders and sleeves were unique, and we haven’t seen such a design ever.

5. Australia

As dominant as Australia was in the World Cup, their Jersey was not far behind. The shoulders and sleeves had imprints just like a tiger’s and Nike has done a good job for the kangaroos this time around.

4. South Korea

We like the lighter shade of red that has been kept simple and very attractive. The Korean flag just above the heart of the player blends in well with the Nike “Tick Mark” on the right side. The reason why we put South Korea on the 4th number is the even more attractive away jersey. The white color along with red and blue imprints reflecting a straighter form of “s” was something we couldn’t take our eyes off. Everything else remained the same as the home Jersey.

3. Croatia

The World Cup runners up had third-best Jersey according to us. And that’s not at all dissatisfying. Croatia has always liked the checkboard style, and it had never disappointed right from when it was seen for the first time. This time the squares were coloured white and red, along with a Croatian flag and the Nike Tick mark.

2. France

How can we Forget the World Cup winners playing with dark Blue in between and light Blue on the shoulders and sleeves? The jersey has lent the modern look that France always works for. Again, the jersey has been designed by Nike and this time they have nailed it.

1. Germany

Let’s get this straight, we just loved the Germany away jersey. The home Jersey was also not far behind but it’s the away theme that got them the first rank. Starting with the shade of green, it was really unique and we have never seen a colour that attractive on a football jersey. The German soccer team jersey from the 1990s was flawless and this time they have nailed it again. It’s just a sensational with a camouflage like the design.

Concluding our rankings, it’s just that personal opinion and the design on jerseys can be ranked subjectively. Feel free to buy any Jersey from a reputed vendor who has the originals. Preferably, buy one among these top eight according to your rankings.

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